ohh… so i made it by the way!

I arrived on thursday night to travelers unfortunately they had no space… Joe, gave me a beer and recommended deco walk on ocean drive and invited me back to the thuesday night free beer party. Good times!
We went to a club where we wrre the only people it was good!

Next night was cameos, rosanne and I left to go to mangos, epic!

Mansion next night… Didn’t go. Wanted an early night but that failed as I was still up when everyone came back in!

Sunday… Nikki beach, wow what a place! There was some mad black dude just wearing some jamaican pants and shaking his thing on the beds. Funny.

Notable people… Chris from durham, dan from manchester, tania who looked like helen. Romanian girls.
Crazy germans,
Mad black woman from hotel!
Joe, jeff, … Caroline, the little 18yr old.

Monday… Erm, night off! Sat around and chilled.

Tuesday – last night, club louis, 23rd st. Went by limo!
I got moved tuesday night as something had happened with rooms, anyway, I moved to 32 where I walked in and found another load of girls… I was confused, but it was mixed.

Jen and kelly from adalaide, aus, were hilarious! Jen was 6′ blonde and all legs. Wow.
Kelly… Bit chubby. Meh.

With the two girls were another pair os aussies, the love birds, I forget their names but they were funny!

The 4 of them shared great delight of telling me about ethan, the malasian, who seemed to make sooo much noise for such a tiny guy. He slept with hus suitcases on his bed.

Early wednesday am, I hear all this clattering about … I think for a secon, without opening my eyes… Ethan surely?
It was, he was leaving for the airport. Instead of getting his bags down, no. He stands on his top bunk… Puts on his rucksack and half climbs down the ladder, half jumps down. Making loads of noise.. Funny stuff.
Shortly after jen and kelly return having not slept. Due to the 12hr time differecne they called their parents!

They went for breakfast and came back, bringing me water. Nice.

Kelly got in to bed, jen was a bit slower, but eventually climbed the ladder towards her bed; however, she transferred across from her bunk to mine!

Shame I didn’t move to 32 before. Cool group. Hopefully I’ll see jen again if I’m in aus.

I didn’t wanna get up to check out, I figured staying with jen was better. I eventually got up and attempted to not disturb her, I took her bedding down to get my refund rather than mine As mine was new the night before.

she was asleep on all my shit, I tried to prise out my stuff from under her but it was good to wake her as got to say bye and have a bit more banter. Apparently I’d be easy to rape with all my stuff!!

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I set of from hobe sounds, in the rain, after having lunch with paul kelly, I did 10… 15..25… 35… 40 miles in the relentless rain. I was drenched. My hands were as if I had spent the entire time in the bath, and my shoes each carrying the volume of water to fill said bath.

I wanted to get as far as possible before the storm came. It got to around 6pm, time to take cover as we were still going to get some of the effects even though it weren’t coming for us anymore.
At 7 after getting changed I was hungy, I peered outside the window… Nothing. No rain. No storms nothing. I checked the internet… No storm. I’d just cycled through the remnants of it!

I contemplated laundry, decided against it.
I’m now 60m north of miami, 1 days riding. I should be there a day early as I missed the day at the lion park yesterday.

Its now 11am, having a late breakfast, I wanted to give my stuff as long as possible to dry out.
Its sunny! I’ve not seen sun for a good few days now, since disney really. Its nice!

Off we go then, eta 6pm.

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close one!

The storm is going to miss me in florida! The gulf stream looks to have dragged it east of us!
Should still be a wet and windy night though.

I stayed with paul kelly last night in hobe something, met him at the gas station and stayed at his, gave me beer, shelter and breakfast. Happy days.

This morning I went to his school and helped out with some plumbing and met the kids, fun times.

So I set off for wpb. Can’t be far now.
In palm beach county anyway.


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here i am! just north of stuart, fl.


40m to west palm beach,
110miles to miami beach. Happy days.

Just the small issue of the storm to deal with in the mean time… God damnit.

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tropical storm…

Oh crap!
Tropical storm tomorrow evening.
Motel time tomorrow night me thinks!


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miami, the place where the sun set low.

So I’m off to miami soon, I’m booked into a really good hostel in south beach at 19 bucks a night, from the 1st to the 6th. (5 nights)

I’m not entirely sure of what I’m going to do there though.

I’m going to buy a boogie board and some fins probably. Fins to keep, board to give away.
I’m going to go to the zoo, which I think is free. I’m not going if It isn’t.
Mostly I’ll be getting up late, and generally relaxing, hoping not to get too fat.
I hope it is busy at the hostel, I’m kinda worried as everyone will be back at colleges. hopefully some of those people will be sociable and wanna do things like go to the waterpark one day.

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just made it to safety!

Got around 10miles since the donut stop, I could see the clouds forming up ahead, I knew I was in for another brief storm.

This wasn’t great as I was in an area of nothingness, I knew I had to get to some shelter or face getting drenched, not that it really matters to be honest, I’m sat here dripping in sweat, smelling like a skunk. wearing a t shirt covered in muck and crap from the road. Its due for a wash, it was last washed in daytona, whenever that was and I’ve covered a fair few miles since then.

With the air cool and fresh, giving me extra energy, I grabbed the low bars, and took a streamlined position. I increased my cadence then went up a few cogs. My now I was cruising along at a steady 22mph.

It started to rain, my heart sank. I’m going to get soaked along with my rucksack (not waterproof) I thought.
It started getting harder, in the distance I could see the plooms of spray from cars.

Like the light at the end of a dark tunnel I saw it. Meeks plumbing inc. A big industrial unit with an overhanging roof. Great, but depending on the wind it may still get me. Then I saw it, at the end of the unit was a porch with a low roof at about door height!
Just as I got off the bike, the heavens opened… Ahhh.

Its just stopped, but I’m going to give it a few minutes for the spray to be washed off the road. I’m about 75miles from WPB now. about 150 from miami.

I’ve lost my map, I think mc d woman took it. it was knackered anyway. I better buy a new one even though I know its south on this road, its good to know where you are.

Off my head I had, ft pierce tonight (27th). Cycle 50m to wpb 28+29th,cycle 40m to boca raton 30th, cycle 40m to miami on the 1st.

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nightmare. over and over again.

Awoke this morning from a lovely nights sleep at pauls, I set my alarm for 7… I even got am right, however I did set it to ‘on’ so I missed him.


I was packing up my kit and saw that I was missing a screw from the panniers that hold it to the top rack, lynn kindly drove me to ace hardware to pick up a replacement. Off I went on my way, then about 10miles in I had a rest and pumped up thr tyres as I saw they looked a bit flat. Whilst doing so I noticed a slight buckle so I checked alignment on the rear axle- fine. It was rubbing on the rear pads so I adjusted the screw on one side and unfortunately the thread sheared off. So it was pushed against the rim.
I disconnected the rear brake and managed to get enough of the thread left to hold it away from the rim.

As if this wasn’t bad enough I noticed that a screw was missing from the bottom of the pannier rack, fortunately I only have 1 bottle holder on so I was able to swap it out and fasten it up.
Alls good (apart from only having one working brake! – Fortunately the front brake, which is also a v brake and much more powerful than the rear cantilever)

I popped in mc d’s after 20odd miles and after about 5 minutes it started to storm. Also my phone wouldn’t connect to wifi, UNTIL a lightning strike cut the power and reset the router, and then it worked!

The storm stopped, water dispersed, I set off… Lovely riding, wind dropped, nice and cool, not humid. Was cruising at 18… Until it stormed again!!
Took cover in dunkin’ donuts, shame…

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less than 200 miles to Miami!

Keneddy space centre was great, had an awesome day, learnt a lot too.
Saw discovery on 39a. Wicked.

Saw another one in the visitor centre, its strangely small! Amazing that it goes up on the back of a rocket and comes down like an aeroplance. A true aerospace vehichle.

Cycled back to the hotel, 24miles round trip, still more than most would ever do and that was a day off!

Today I got up late, and chilled in the room until checkout time, bad idea. Super hot. Super humid. With a nasty nasty headwind. Not a great combination. It brought my cruising speed down to about 12mph, average around 10.5. I had to constantly push, even down hills.
When I turned off US1, heading west, I was putting less effort in and cruising at 18-20mph. Back south… Down to 12 again. Its morale killing. As I’ve said before it compeletely takes the fun out of it.
I met up with paul, from the other night, his parents took me out for dinner, to texas roadhouse. Had a steak. They let me stay over in the guest room, absolute legends. So nice of them.

My legs are sore today, only did 47miles, but hurt more than days when ove done 70.
Going to get up to see paul off at 7am.
Then head down the 507 and onward to fort pierce area.

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long day!

Well what a cool place it is, I didn’t go into the parks, too expensive. But even the other stuff is amazing! Wow. Jamie-leigh needs to go…

I finished looking round disney, and set off on my jolly way, northeast to cape canaveral. En route it started thunderstorming, nightmare. I needed to get to my hotel though.
As such I seeked cover in a. Bus shelter. And repacked my bags to make sure the important stuff doesn’t get wet… 10 minutes up the road I wanted sweets but couldn’t find my wallet. I figured I must have put in a strange pocked… I emptied everything at 7-11. No wallet. I was freaking out. A woman came over and asked if I was okay, I explained the situation… She insisted I took 20dollars, I asked for her address to send it her back, she wouldn’t. She through it in my bag and said give it to someone else in need. Wow.
If that wasn’t incredible enough, a young chap; paul, from UCF came over and asked if I wanted a ride, I explained the problem to him. We took a ride back to the bus stop, incredibly thr stoned black guy (who asked me for a dollar earlier) waited around because he said ‘knew I’d be back soon enough’ I gave him the contents of cash that was in, not much, 5 dollars, but he deserved something for waiting.

Paul then drove me to the hotel, taking a detour as route50 was closed due to an accident. I bought us dinnr at somewhere, chicken barrell of something. He dropped me off at the hotel, and left, accidently dropping a strap. I’m going to find him tomorrow and drop it off.

My night could have been awful, cycling in a storm, with no money, no card, no ID and taking a detour in a place I didn’t know.
Instead, I’ve got my expensive wallet, cash, driving licence, arriving dry.

I cannot believe the experience, I met good, honest, sympathetic, helpful people. This sort of people are not regularly seen in life these days. I’m so glad it all happened. I genuinely think its changed how I think about life.

I know I wouldn’t normally get a ride, but I was going north from kimissee, (where disney is) so I think its okay.

My speedo broke the other day( needed to reset it,) so I lost my odometer reading, it was over 630 miles as that’s the last time I checked And I’ve done 28 since then, so 660at least.

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